DHCP on a Cisco Router

Hi Guys, the last post was on DHCP configuration on Mikrotik. Today, I am gonna give the commands for configuring DHCP on a cisco router. These commands are to be entered on the CLI of a cisco router.
To configure DHCP on a cisco router, enter the following commands depending on your IP address settings:

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cisco#conf t
cisco(cinfig)#ip dhcp pool cisco (gives the pool a name)
cisco(dhcp-config)#netw (Defines the pool.Please, use your IP settings)
cisco(dhcp-config)#default-router the default gateway for hosts)
cisco(dhcp-config)#dns-server (Sets the dns for hosts.Depending on what your dns server is)
cisco(config)#ip dhcp excluded-add
cisco(config)#ip dhcp excluded-add (we excluded both default gateway and the broadcast address of the network. These addresses are not to be given out to hosts.
cisco#copy run start.

Note: You are to enter only the commands following the special characters (> and #). I hope this helps.

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Ashioma Michael, a BSc (Computer Science)., MTCNA, CCNA, and CCNP holder with many years of industry-proven experience in network design, implementation and optimization. He has tutored and guided many professionals towards obtaining their Cisco certifications. Mike works as a senior network engineer with one of the leading internet service providers in West Africa.

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