How to create Vlan on Mikrotik

Implementing Vlans on Mikrotik routers is quite simple and interesting. Just follow the steps below:
Step1 : Create a bridge and add your preferred trunk port to the bridge.



Step2: Create your Vlans making sure that the vlan IDs are the same with the vlan IDs on the switch. Assign IPs to the Vlan interfaces accordingly.


Step3: Finally, configure NAT using the source addresses from the vlans or the Vlan interfaces as “in interface”.
On your switch, make sure the port connected to the Mikrotik is configured as a trunk port, configure the rest as access ports. Create vlans (which must be the same as those you have on your Mikrotik router) and assign ports to your vlans. Thats all.

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Ashioma Michael, a BSc (Computer Science)., MTCNA, CCNA, and CCNP holder with many years of industry-proven experience in network design, implementation and optimization. He has tutored and guided many professionals towards obtaining their Cisco certifications. Mike works as a senior network engineer with one of the leading internet service providers in West Africa.

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