Introducing GetMessage: an E-message solution.

With the ever increasing size of  Nigerian mobile device users, it
is expected that Nigerian innovators and solution developers come up with
solutions tailored to suit the information need of this large community. One of
such innovative solutions is GetMessage. An e-solution that converts sermons
and presentations into texts and makes it readily available for download in no
time at no data cost.

According to the CTO of TenterneT, Mr Ngei M. Ngei, “Get Message is an
onsite E-Sermon Sales Platform originally built for Churches, but can be used
in Conferences, Seminars etc. for sales of digital resources (video, audio, pdf
Obviously, the traditional sale of digital resources on CD is already
obsolete; people preferably listen to messages on-the-go via smart phones than
on a CD player. Hence Get Message enables a congregation to instantly download
a sermon straight to their phones just after it’s preached.
TenterneT is an IT company poised to develop bespoke IT solutions to
boost productivity, and to expertly provide IT support with utmost prompt
whether online or onsite.
This article intends to discuss the features and benefits of Get Message
as well as the set-up cost”.
Messages can be instantly available for purchase just after the Sermon.
Soft copies of messages can be uploaded directly from recording production and
published on the “Get Message” web application for members to access and
download. This cuts off the time of copying and duplicating to CDs.

Unlike downloading from sites on the internet, “Get Message” Download
Speed has been placed at a minimum of 30 Megabytes per second depending on the
hardware device used to access. On an Average a user should spend nothing more
than 2mins to get a 70MB mp3 message from “Get Message”.

“Get Message” has an easy to use user interface with only necessary call
to action buttons and relevant fields. When using “Get Message”, there are few
things to worry about; in just three clicks you’ve got a sermon downloaded to
your device.

While access to “Get Message” is free and open, downloading a message
would cost purchasing a download code.
·         A download code
is a four digit voucher needed to download messages on “Get Message”.
·         Download Codes
are generated and sold at stipulated amounts. This would be printed (like
telecom recharge cards) and available for purchase at the CD stands.

Users don’t need data subscription or internet connectivity on their
mobile devices to access and download messages from “Get Message”. Just turn on
wifi and connect to the get Message Network, browse to the “Get Message” URL
and download your message of choice.

Get Message takes out the cost of buying CDs and probably burning more
CDs than would be purchased. No recurring subscription fee is required to run
Get Message. Just upload new messages and keep selling download codes.

“Get Message” web interface is fully responsive. That means it adjusts
to appear distinct and bold on any device screen size.

From the admin panel uploading messages, adding message photo (album
mart), adding and editing message description, viewing sales reports etc. can
be done without any skill in programming or web design.

To request for a quote, live demo or other inquiries call
[email protected]
Ngei M. Ngei
CTO TenterneT
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Ashioma Michael, a BSc (Computer Science)., MTCNA, CCNA, and CCNP holder with many years of industry-proven experience in network design, implementation and optimization. He has tutored and guided many professionals towards obtaining their Cisco certifications. Mike works as a senior network engineer with one of the leading internet service providers in West Africa.

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