How to enable IPv6 features and set up an IPv6 network on a Mikrotik router.

IPv6 is the backbone that drives the internet 2. It is a 128-bit address format, and unlike IPv4, even if everything on the surface of the earth is assigned an IPv6 address, we will still not run out of it. Most OEMs have recognized the dangers ahead and have included IPv6 features on their equipment but still leaves users with the option of turning them on or off. In this post, I will share with us on how you can turn on IPv6 features and set up a simple IPv6 network on Mikrotik router OS.
Mikrotik router packages
Mikrotik router packages

When you log on to your Mikrotik router, first thing you will notice is the main menu to the left of your screen. If IPv6 is not listed immediately after IP, then it is obvious the features are either not included on the router or they are, but not yet enabled. To find out if IPv6 features are included, do the following:

>> Click on system>>packages.


The image above shows that though IPv6 is included, it is yet to be enabled. To enable it, click on it to have it highlighted and click on enable. After that, reboot your router. Once the router comes back on, you will have IPv6 features enabled with IPv6 listed immediately after IP on the main menu.
See my video below on how to enable IPv6 and set up a simple IPv6 network on Mikrotik. Please subscribe to my channel for more videos.
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